The Bhavnath Mahadev Fair,  Junagadh


The city of Junagadh, situated at the foot of Mount Girnar, is famous as the site of many historical events, dating from the remote past. The Edicts of Asoka (3rd Century B.C ) are inscribed on a rock at Junagadh.  The peaks of Girnar,  the highest  of which is the Gorakhnath (3,666 ft), are dotted with numerous Jain temples. The Bhavnath Mahadev Temple, located at the foot of Girnar, is so ancient that its precise, origins are unknown. The Bhavnath temple is surrounded by many equally ancient and holy places.
Buddhist caves are also found in and around at Upperkot, Junagadh.

Mahashivaratri at Bhavnath Mahadev.

The fair during Mahashivaratri is held for five days and takes place during February, and the events associated with it are colourful indeed. The mahapuja of Load Shiva takes place at midnight, in the temple , on 14the day of the dark half of the month of Mage. When the puja started, naga bavas (naked sages) living nearby move towards the fair seated on elephants, holding flags, and blowing conch shells, sounding tungis and turis. It is firmly belived that Lord Shiva himself visits the shrine on this occasion. Girnar is said to be the abode of the nine Nathas, who are immortal, and eighty-four siddhas or spiritually elevated souls all of whom also visit the temple, in their invisible spiritual bodies.
Vistors are sered free meals by the organisers. Special stalls sell idols, rosaries brought by vendors from Ayodhya and Mathura, utensils of brass and copper, sweets and fruits.


From Junagadh one can journey easily to nearby Porbandar (112 kms away)on the west coast, where Mahatma Gandhi was born. Equally close by (88 kms) is Veraval, where the rebuilt of Somnath, stands proudly. Further along the coast is the former Portugues colony of Div. Sasan Gir, the last habitat of Asiatic lion is only 60 kms from Junagadh.


Calendar of Events

Year 2002
Month Mar
Date 12th to 14th