History of Dakor Tirthdham

It is situated on the bank of the river Shedhi flowing from the forest of Khakhara and the town was known as Khakharia Gam in olden days.  The forest is dense with Khakhara trees and is also mentioned as "Hidambavan" in the great epic of Mahabharat.

There is a legend about it.  Dunk Muni, a Gurubhai of Kandurushi was a greate devotee of Lord Mahadeva.  He did great sadhana at this place to please Shivji and requested him to stay at his ashram, and from then onward Lord Shiva lived here in the guise of Banling State and Dunk Muni had established a temple of Dunkeshwar Mahadeva at the bank of river Gomti, which is still there.  It is believed that the name Dakor has come from Dunkpur.

The old name of Dakor like Dunkpur, Dhankpur, Dakkpuri, Khakhariya and Hidambavan are found in ancient religious books.  According linguistic, 'Dakor' is derived from Dunkpur which was change into Dakkpur and finally to Dakor.