Dang Darbar


One of the most delightful districts of Gujarat is the area known as The Dangs. Located high in the Saputara Hills, adjoining the borders of Maharashtra State  , Dangs is the home of adivasis who have lived in the forests and highlands of the Dangs region from time immemorial. The most important town is Ahwa, 2000 feet above sea level. Higher still is village of Don, which is 3560 feet above sea level. Nearby is Saputara which may be called Gujarat's hill station. The climate here is cool and pleasant. The resident adivasis derive their livelihood from the forests which are rich in timber, honey, wax and lac. Many wild animals live in the forests including tigers, chital, bears, pigs , and deer. There are numerous snakes in the district, including cobras and pythons.


The tribal people make up three-fourths of the population. The men wear a loincloth, a waistcoat and a colourfull  cloth wrapped around the head. Women wear a sari and a blouse, embellished with numerous silver ornaments of which they are very fond.
The Darbor today attracts merchants from as far away as Nasik, Surat and West Khandesh. Folk dances enliven the fair during the few days it lasts. The Education Department organises folk dances, ras and garba programmes, songs and dramas.


The Dangs Darbar

The Dangs Darbar is the name of the annual fair held in Ahwa every year, a few days before Holi. The name 'Darbar' dates back to the time of the British, when a darbar of Rajas and Naiks of neighbouring  areas used to assemble there. Today it is also called the Jamabandi Darbar, and the District Collector officiates at it. Thousands of tribal people flock to Ahwa from all over  the district, gaily dressed in lively colours, sounding the shehnai and beating their drums.


Within easy reach of Ahwa by road are Surat (155 kms) a busy industrial city with historic associations ; the part of Daman (149 kms ) once a Portuguese colony ; Sanjan, where the Parsis first landed in Indian, and many well-known of Gujarat. The city of Mumbai can be reached from here with in few hours.


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