Janmashtami at Dwarka


Dwarka, the city of gold. Dwarka, the abode of Shri Krishna. This is how devotees think of the city where Lord Krishana settled over 5000 years ago after leaving Mathura for ever, and where he reigned for 100 years. For pilgrims Dwarka's, presiding deity remains Shri Krishna, and they flock there in their thousands for all parts of India and abroad. The temple, towering over the surrounding buildings was built 1400 years ago. It has several floors and is built of sandstone. The interior is simple while the exterior is covered with elaborate carvings.

Janmashtami, the birthday of Shri Krishna, is celebrated with great splendour. Rows of lights are lit everywhere, kirtans and bhajans are sung, sermons are delivered and Krishna is worshipped in his infant form. Thousands of people go to Dwarka to visit the temple and participate in the fair. After visiting the main temple, devotees go to Shankhoddhar Beyt. There are some other important temples, both old and new. Among these is the temple of Shank-Narayan, dedicated to the Matsyavatar, the incarnation of Vishnu as a fish. This was constructed over 200 years ago.
Dwarka can be reached by train on Viramagam-Okha. broad gauge line. It is 132 km, from Jamnagar, 234 km from Rajkot, and only 450 km from Ahmedabad. A state highway also links the city with the main part of Saurashtra.

Calendar of Events

Year 2001 2002
Month Aug Aug
Date 12th 31st