Save Animals - Save Culture - Save Society

Roaming With Relief
Well Sheltered Animals Feel Sign Of Relief


They Deserve Care And Compassion
This Bovine Community, Saved From Merciless Killing And Rescued Deserve Care And Compassion of Philanthropists.


Thank God They Are Saved
Large Number Of Abandoned, Rescued Unfortunate Animals Are Saved
From Slaughter House And Served And Sheltered At Panjarapole.


Injured And Served
Sacred Cows Injured From Accident Are Served And Sheltered


Disable Animals - Blind Animals


An Appeal for Noble Cause To Help Panjarapoles of  Drought Effected Gujarat

In Indian religion and culture, cows are considered sacred. It is unfortunate that such sacred cows remain hungry,
thirsty and die of starvation. For over a century, Number of Panjarapoles serves as an asylum to a large number of old,crippled, unserviceable,abandoned and rescued animals and birds of bovine community.

In our culture, in our religion, in our tradition, animals of boving community are as much dear to the innocent and
God-fearing rural people as their own family members.

As such, present pitiable plight and helplessness of the rural people are to be seen to understand gravity and intensity of their woes. In the second year of severe and grave drought conditions, they are unable to provide fodder and water to the animals. Consequently, with much reluctance, with much distress and with tears in eyes, they are compelled and constrained to abandon their dearmost animals at Panjarapoles.

The Panjarapoles most earnestly request and expect generous donations and help from philanthropic persons, organisations and institutes to support its aims to render services and shelter to unfortunate animals.

                                                                                                                            Parag Chandulal Tejura (Babrawala) 
Note: If You are willing to help, do mail us on  We will provide you name and address of Panjarapole of your interest area.

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