Rajkot - Places Worth Visiting

Pujya Rancchoddasji Maharaj Ashram:-

Lacks of people, blessed by BAPU with message of 'RAMROTI", visits Ashram specially on Thursday at Kuvadva Road. Pujya Bapu is known for his Inspiration for Prabhu bhakti and manav seva. Some how Bapu had a very special affection with Rajkot and because of it number of social activities are going on by followers of Bapu and Ashram trust.

Ratanpar - Ramcharitmanas Mandir:-

Temple of Shri Ramabhagwan is built with  inspiration of Ranchhoddas Bapu has now a big comples with Chopai of Ramayan is carved on "Araspahan" stone. Ratanpar is 15kms from Rajkot on Morvi highway.

Shree Ramkrishna Ashram:-

Ramkrishna Ashram is a centre of Ramkrishna mission. The Ashram building is same as Bellur Math. The centre is engaged with educational, religious and social activities. It is a place from where message of swami Vivekanand reaches to lacks of people. Thousand of  people get true Peace of mind during evening prayer time at Ashram. Library of Ashram is totally different, offcourse very useful to the youth.

Mahatma Gandhiji and his Memories:

Kaba Gandhi no delo:- It holds the momories of Gandhiji's childhood as his ancestral home. Now it houses the Gandhi Smriti. A permanent exhibition.

M. K. Gandhi Vidyalaya:- Formerly known as Alfred high School is the school where Gandhiji studied. The  famous incidence of copying a work "kettle" in the life of Gandhiji occurred here.

Rashtriyashala:-  Founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1925 and connected with freedom struggle. It is now a centre of Gramodyog, mainly Khadi weaving and other handmade products.


Ajidam and Lalpari lake:-

Lalpari lake and Randerda are picturesque picnic spot 5kms from Rajkot. Aji dam was built to fulfil the requirement of water of Rajkot city. It has a beautiful garden, an aquarium, an aviary, a zoo etc. It is an excellent picnic spot, surrounded by small hills.

Watson Museum - Langue Library - Maniar Auditorium:-

In the pleasant Jubilee garden all above thee are in a one beautiful complex built in 1888, Watson museum has an interesting collection of statutes, rare coins and old pictures. It also provides an insight into the cultural tradition of Saurashtra. Arvindbhai Maniar auditorium, formerly known as Canaught hall is also a good place providing stage for social and cultural activities since many decades. Langue Library is also known for his large collection of books in various languages.



A  centre of fun and amusement, having Bal Bhavan, Planetarium, a small zoo and park with various rides. It is an entertainment center for every body.

Shree Swaminarayan (Main) Temple:-

The temple was built before 50 years and shree Param Pujya Dharm Dhurandhar 1008 Acharya shri Narendra prasadji had performed the Pran Pratistha of shree Swaminarayan Bhagwan. The complex also having presence of  "Niskantak Bordi", a bordi tree has dropped all its 

"Kantaks" on saying saint shree Yogiraj Gopalnand Swami. Temple management is active in celegration of Religious festivals and also in Bhajan Kirtan activities. It also runs a shree dev Utsav Mandal for Bhajans and Kirtans. Mandal have also come out with a cassette of kirtans named "Suravali". The temple is  situated on Bhapendra road.

Ishwariya Mahadev:-

Temple of Shiva, situated in hills area and lake in between  place having very good natural beauty. The ling of Shiva is said as "Swayambhu" mahadev. Thousand of people visits the place. This temple is 10kms away from Rajkot, near Madhapar village on Jamnagar highway.


 Panchnath Mahadev:-

Temple of Shiva is one of the oldest temple of Rajkot city, was founded in 1933 AD. Thousands of people visits temple everyday. In the month of Sravan  temple is  having Shiv Maha Puja and different religious programmes.